The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has surprised the whole world. No one has suspected that the virus from China would have such a strong impact on the global market.

Tourism, in particular, is badly affected and hosts are trying to adapt constantly to the changing situation. In order to bridge this time successfully, it is important that we as an industry stick together, search for solutions and exchange ideas on a regular basis. That's why we collect all relevant information about the virus, countermeasures, and regulations for you in this blog. This list will be updated regularly and we give our best to keep you up to date.

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Like many others, we believe that more needs to be done by the state to help the tourism industry through this difficult time.
Every vote counts! Below is a list of various petitions in support of tourism in this crisis

Emergency financial aid for restaurants and hotels

Help for all gastronomy and small businesses

Saving the tourism industry during the Corona pandemic

Don't let travel agencies die

Immediate and unbureaucratic help for the trade fair and event industry

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