Digital hotel self-check-in in just 5 steps

24/7 contactless check-in and check-out: A resource-saving solution for you as the host - an additional service for your guest. Find out how to digitalise your check-in process in just a few steps in our blog post.


Step 2: The digital registration form

Due to the new conditions of the Federal Registration Act, you as the host are now allowed to offer your guests a digital registration form. HelloGuest offers a variety of options for every business. For example, our self-check-in station generates the complete registration form and also prints it out.If you offer your guest the option of our app, they can use this to fill out the registration form before their arrival and save it in the HelloGuest app. With no loss of time and unnecessarily duplicated data, your guest can easily access the digital registration form, which he only has to sign. 

Are you looking for a fully digital solution? With the registration form pad from HelloGuest you can slim down the process to a minimum. For this purpose, the digital signature is entered via the touchpad and the fully completed and legitimized registration form is automatically archived in your PMS. This easy way to the digital registration form reduces the waiting times for your guest, saves staff resources and enables a completely contactless check-in.


Step 3: Your doors become smart!

In order to offer your guests a digital full service, we cooperate with all common system providers whose technology we have already integrated. Our cloud-based software is connected to your PMS for the identification of your guests and receives all relevant data from it. In this way we ensure that each of your guests can only enter the room they have booked. If you are looking for a native app (with download from the Android Play Store and Apple Appstore) for Bluetooth locks or a progressive web app - without any download from the store (the fastest solution for every guest) - we have already created the appropriate technology for your needs. 


Step 4: Contactless payment

The payment functions within the HelloGuest App save your guest's time and at the same time offer the highest level of security. HelloGuest is certified for the connection of all common payment providers and thus fulfills all requirements for secure and convenient payment - fast, easy and contactless!

Invoice splitting for the separation of private and business costs can be handled with just a few clicks using the intuitive menu navigation of the HelloGuest App, as well as the clear and always up-to-date statement of all turnovers of the guest. To ensure a secure processing only a one-time registration of your guest with the app is necessary. There, all data is stored and kept safe according to European data protection law and the DSGVO.


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