Secure identification with a sovereign document

Certified by the the Federal Cyber Security Authority (BSI)

Easy connectivity to your systems

Identification without any media disruption, both on the Internet and on site, can be carried out securely, quickly and easily: No problem with the AusweisIDent service cooperatively developed by Bundesdruckerei GmbH and Governikus KG. The integration of the service into online services and on-site scenarios is the cost-effective, certified and simple alternative to Video-Ident and Post-Ident procedures as well as to manual data transfer, e.g. the digital registration form.
AusweisIDent enables a media disruption free identification of your customers and the required data transferred to your IT-systems within seconds.

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Digital registration form – Simple. Fast. Secure.

The online identification function of the identity card or the electronic residence permit makes it possible: hotels can now eliminate the need for paper-based registration forms. This not only saves time and is user-friendly for hotel guests, it also reduces costs and minimizes potential errors during data transmission to the hotel's own IT systems.

With the integration of AusweisIDent, a joint service of Bundesdruckerei and Governikus, hotel guests are able to fill in and send the registration form electronically quick, easy and convenient. Even before they arrive by using a hotel check-in app on their smartphone, their online ID card and the corresponding PIN. In a further variant, hotel employees can scan the data from the ID chip at the check-in on site and transfer these directly to the hotel's own IT system.

Why is this possible now?

Identity cards for German citizens and electronic residence permits for non-EU citizens have been equipped with a data chip since the end of 2010, from which all relevant data (name, title, address, date of birth, place of birth, etc.) can also be read online. A total of 14 data fields are available for readout. From the end of 2020, a so-called Union Citizen Card with the online identification function will also be available. EU citizens will be able to apply for this in order to be able to carry out identification procedures securely online. With the adjustments to the Act on Identity Cards and Electronic Identification in 2017, it is possible to access the data of the online identification function on site without the cardholder having to know their PIN.

Until now, the Federal Act on Registration required that registration forms had to be signed by the guests by hand. Hotels had to preserve them for one year in order to be able to present them in case of any requests from authorities. After the one-year retention period, the registration forms had to be destroyed within three months. A great effort for the hotels.

With the Third Bureaucracy Reduction Act passed last autumn, which also includes an amendment to the Federal Act on Registration, the digital registration form has now been approved and creates new possibilities for hotels and their guests by using the online identification function.

About Bundesdruckerei

As a high-tech security company, Bundesdruckerei GmbH develops solutions for secure identities, data and infrastructures. In this way, Bundesdruckerei creates trust in the analog and digital world – and enables administrations, business and society to act efficiently with practical security solutions. All products and services are ‘Made in Germany’. They are rooted in the reliable and legally compliant identification of persons and institutions. As a government-owned security company with more than 250 years of experience, Bundesdruckerei is paving the way for a secure digital future.
In addition to Bundesdruckerei GmbH, the Bundesdruckerei Group includes affiliated companies D-TRUST GmbH, genua GmbH, Maurer Electronics GmbH and iNCO Sp. z o.o. The Group employs a workforce of more than 2,700 and in 2018 generated revenue of around EUR 556m. Bundesdruckerei also holds shares in Veridos GmbH, DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, cv cryptovision GmbH and Verimi GmbH.

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About Governikus GmbH & Co. KG

Since 1999, Governikus KG is an established IT solution provider for security and legally binding electronic communication and electronic documents, especially with regard to the protection of personal data. As a pioneer in e-government and e-justice, the portfolio focuses on supporting the digitalization of processes. The Governikus portfolio provides solution components for secure identities, secure communications and secure data.
Among other projects, the development and maintenance of 4 applications of the IT Planning Council (a committee for the control of the shared IT infrastructures of federal, state and local governments) - the application Governikus, the application Governikus MultiMessenger (GMM) as well as the application DVDV (German Directory of Administrative Services) - the Governikus portfolio provides important solution components for the implementation of legal requirements, political strategies and technical standards, which are of importance for digitization on a national as well as international level. Governikus supports this with solutions that are used for shared basic infrastructures. The federal government's AusweisApp2 for the use of the online ID function is also developed and maintained by Governikus.

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